Diecasting Division

Diecasting Division

VTC is always on the go to address the fast changing needs of Die Casters around the world. Armed with excellent designs, flow analysis, proper chill vents and vast experience, our customers are always rewarded with results beyond their expectation. As apt example for this is our design and manufacturing of Die Casting dies with multiple sliders and openings, an almost impossible task in the die casting field.

VTC has also eliminated the EDM process to a great extent with the use of High Speed Machining Care is taken in the selection of the mould materials and its Cryogenic heat treatment to ensure exceptional Die Life.

Our Remarkable Achievements

Grease Pump House

Grease Pump Housing For Heavy Vehicle Developed For Europe Customer

Sump Intermediate

Loose core insert has been replaced with a fully automatic internal slider to release the undercut

Fin Section

2 Big Sliders, All Fins machined by high speed machining in mould

Streering Housing

Fabricated With Seven Slider Cores

Achieved flatness requirement of less than 0.2mm in casting and zero porosity at O-ring groove area.


Oil & Gas Housing


Printer Components

Corner Join For Enclosure

Housing For Burners

Meter Housing & Cover For Oil & Gas

Ducting Components


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